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If you are a new parent or player to AYSO, check out the ABC's Of AYSO from the AYSO web-site!

Open Volunteer Positions

As a completely volunteer organization, AYSO of Dubuque relies on the willingness of team parents and other individuals to fulfill various responsibilities to help keep AYSO running smoothly. At the current time, the following Board position(s) need a volunteer:

  • Regional Commissioner - It is the Regional Commissioner (RC) that provides the leadership for an AYSO Region to really make a difference in children’s lives. The local Regions are the front line of the program and they require dedicated and thoughtful leadership. There are many other volunteer Region board members but it is the RC who brings them all together to make the program really work.
  • Coach Administrator - Good coaches make for a great AYSO experience for every young player. AYSO volunteer coaches all show the same generosity of spirit to offer their time for young athletes, but have different skill levels and personal coaching philosophies. The Coach Administrator keeps track of the coaches in the Region, offers training and certification, models AYSO’s coaching philosophies and implements the National Coaching Program before, during and after the season.
  • Referee Administrator - Referees ensure that the game is safe, fun and fair for players, coaches and fans. The Region Referee Administrator supports the AYSO National Referee Program, making sure all referees are trained, certified and properly registered, schedules assignments for referees and assistant referees within the Region, and makes sure that the games are fun for all.
  • Referee Instructor - The Referee Instructor is responsible for… (more information to follow)
  • Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for… (more information to follow)

Please consider volunteering a small portion of your time!

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