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Announcement for All:
Our New Web-site is Coming!
As of Tuesday 11/22/2016 3:32 PM, Effective Start Time 11/22/2016 3:32 PM
Attention everyone!! Dubuque AYSO Region 419 will be moving to a new web address. Please update your bookmark(s) to our new site (coming soon) which will be
Valid Through 12/31/2016 11:59 PM
Announcement for Everyone:
Registration Is Approaching!
As of Tuesday 11/22/2016 3:28 PM, Effective Start Time 11/22/2016 3:28 PM
AYSO Registration for the summer of 2017 will begin in January on the following dates: January 6th, 9am to 3:30pm (NICC Townclock), January 11th, 6pm to 8pm (Roosevelt Middle School), January 25th, 6pm to 8pm (Roosevelt Middle School), February 11th, 9am to 3:30pm (NICC Townclock).
Valid Through 2/11/2017 3:30 PM

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